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our Mouths and Ears...

...a message board for chatters, listeners, & learners...

                                         I FLING MY PAST BEHIND ME LIKE A ROBE...  -anonymous

*this site belongs to an incest survivor and deals with sexual abuse of children.*

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If you'd care to comment; or discuss incest and sexual abuse of children; share your story; exchange information; or just listen for a while; you've found the proper place to do so.

Please bear in mind that the sensitive nature of our message board concerns a VERY serious topic, and therefore should be handled as such in a courteous manner at all times. Some who have suffered abuses may be in crisis stage, and words spoken can trigger flashbacks, or the upheaval of repressed memories.

Be gentle, and do no harm.

Those of us who were sexually abused as children need the assurances of others like ourselves, and from society, to enforce the fact that WE ARE NORMAL PEOPLE. We simply had abnormal foundations in youth. We have much to offer the world, and we ALL matter in the Grand Scheme Of Things.

Please remember to be as gentle and kind to yourself as you are to strangers. The world is a funny place, and it may be the only kindness you receive today.

May peace, happiness, and wholeness find its way into every heart... I love you, Taren Dawn

***if you are a Weeper, and need immediate mental or medical intervention, PLEASE seek it! Although we are Brothers and Sisters in Life, and may well understand better than most, WE ARE NOT HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, and can only offer our hearts, a hand, and support. Out of fairness to us all, and because we are all in varying degrees of somewhat delicate states, it is unreasonable to expect another to be our "lifeline".

(this board is dedicated to my friend debber, who makes me smile regularly)

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